About us

Corinthian Property Management has been raising the standard since its founding in 2001. Owners Bob Brereton and Michelle Hagenson use their extensive industry knowledge gained over 15 years in both real estate and property management to raise the standard even higher. They know it’s essential to create a symbiotic relationship that benefits both parties; happy tenants and happy landlords make for maintenance kept up and rent paid.

One way we ensure total transparency is to use Virtual tours of our inspections so that you as the owner can see your properties performance as close to in real time as possible. Link to Virtual Tour Example

When you become a partner with Corinthian Property Management, you join a company that intimately knows the world of the property investor and landlord.
In April 2019, Bob and Michelle took over for Jan Galloway. Michelle will be on-site managing the business and looking after your investments while Bob has now joined the business having finished up his role as CEO of one of New Zealand’s leading real estate brands.

This brings a new and exciting aspect to the business with Bob’s 15 years of experience at all levels of the Real Estate market and holds a Full Real Estate Agents Licence. HE has since partnered with Actuate Invest, a leading Real Estate company specialising in New Build to rent projects for discerning investors, this in turn gives Corinthian Clients another avenue to explore potential investment opportunities and stay ahead of the curve with quality advice.

Both Bob and Michelle are more than happy to discuss the best way forward in today’s ever-changing marketplace and pride themselves in keeping ahead of the game when it comes to the various legislative requirements that govern the residential property sector, whether it is Healthy Homes requirements, changes to the RTA or other related governing legislation you can be rest assured that Bob and Michelle have their fingers on the pulse of the industry.

Come and chat to us about your bigger picture, and see how Corinthian Property Management can raise the standard for you. To find out more Meet the Team